Our Success Depends on You

The Friends of Sloan Canyon is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization working towards the preservation of cultural, historical, and natural resources through community outreach, education & interpretation programs and stewardship activities.

2015 was a milestone year for the Friends group, including:

  • We are now official partners with the Bureau of Land Management allowing us to assist them in expanding current stewardship & education efforts at Sloan Canyon NCA and organize new ones.
  • A growing partnership with the City of Henderson in assisting with stewardship efforts along the desert edge lands they manage bordering Sloan.
  • Participation in trail work training events with training provided by a team of post-9/11 veterans moving from military service to green (public lands) service.
  • The launch of a dedicated trail monitoring and maintenance program helping to keep Sloan trails in great shape. 

We're expanding on the work we've done this past year into 2016:

  • Staffing the new contact station being installed by BLM near the petroglyph canyon area, the first phase of an eventual visitor center for Sloan Canyon NCA.
  • Increased trail monitoring and maintenance efforts.
  • Growing the community surrounding Sloan with more chances of meet up and have fun including informal mixers, the resumption of general membership meetings and presentations on the science and history of Sloan Canyon NCA.
  • Assisting BLM in modifying and distributing interpretive programs following current Nevada science standards.

We can't do it, though, without participation from the community! You can help us fund these activities via a one-time donation or monthly contribution. If you have any questions about donating to the Friends of Sloan Canyon contact Jim Stanger at jstanger@friendsofsloan.org or 702-907-6099.

EIN: 20-0294051